Stand Tall & Own It

Episode 73: Let's Talk About Grief with Andrea Johnson and Kim Pate

February 14, 2022 Andrea Johnson
Stand Tall & Own It
Episode 73: Let's Talk About Grief with Andrea Johnson and Kim Pate
Show Notes

Living with Intentional Optimism is not about always being sunny and happy. It’s about embracing life with all its ups and downs. Loss of a loved one, specifically a mother, is definitely a hard part of the journey, but learning how to grow through it all is part of what gives it purpose and meaning. Andrea & Kim have both lost their mothers to cancer, and this conversation is about the growing, the learning, and the legacy we can all leave behind.

Topics discussed in this episode:  

  1. February = Focus on the Tenet Present. Specifically, Kind/Open.  Emotions: I will feel what is happening NOW. I don't run from my feelings. They tell me things I need to know.
  2. Every ending is preparation for a new beginning - even if it’s beginning a grief journey
  3. We learn from those we have lost, long after they are gone
  4. Recognizing and understanding how milestones affect and teach us


  1. Grief is part of life - it gives you a new perspective on joy
  2. Grief can be a catalyst for some major changes
  3. Grief highlights the legacy left behind. 
  4. You get to decide what you want your legacy to be.
  5. Take your opportunity to live the life they didn’t get to (?) 

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