Intentional Optimists - Unconventional Leaders

Episode 80 - The Heart of Listening with Sophie Wadsworth

April 04, 2022 Andrea Johnson
Intentional Optimists - Unconventional Leaders
Episode 80 - The Heart of Listening with Sophie Wadsworth
Show Notes

Sophie provides executive coaching and nonprofit consulting with a passion for helping leaders craft compelling, mission-centered stories, and build strategic messaging throughout their organizations. She provides training and webinars on storytelling, how to craft winning pitches and presentations, and public speaking skills for leaders. Sophie is the author of an award-winning collection of poetry and a selected storyteller for WGBH’s Stories from the Stage on World Channel.  She lives with her family and one very animated cat near Boston, Massachusetts.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  1. Discover your origin story, and where you want to go.
  2. Find your voice.


  1. Get outside and tune in to that “story”
  2. Eat well: see food as both medicine and joy
  3. Read. Expand your mind and horizons.

Green Flags:

  1. Know your goals.
  2. Know your non-negotiables.
  3. Understand what flexibility you need.


  1. Do you need some career coaching? Someone to help you ask all the questions?
  2. Look carefully at the timing and how it lines up with your goals.

Where to find Sophie:
Website: Sophie Wadsworth
Learn more at
Women’s Accelerator Program Women Accelerators
Dory Clark: Reinventing You, and The Long Game

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