Stand Tall & Own It

Episode 82 - Get Comfortable On Camera, with Suzanne Glover

April 18, 2022 Andrea Johnson
Stand Tall & Own It
Episode 82 - Get Comfortable On Camera, with Suzanne Glover
Show Notes

Suzanne Glover, a professional actress, sales pro and internet marketer with 35 years of experience helps you strategically leverage video to grow both business and enhance your life.  Suzanne gained recognition in the TV / film industry teaching secrets for top level actors.  She uses those same methods to teach people to connect through the camera and sell successfully in today's virtual world.  Suzanne has lived the midlife dilemma while keeping her business alive by pivoting to meet today's expectations.  

1.  Overcoming challenges to take back your personal power.
2.  Become a Midlife Video Influencer - issues women face and how to overcome with confidence.

1.  Use positive opposites.  Ask yourself what did I do right today?
2.  Make a list daily, it will truly change your energy and your confidence.

Green Flags:
1.  Determine if your desire to be in the online space is a hobby or a business
2.  If it’s truly for business, are you willing to take the risk?

1.  Practice makes permanent - be careful how you practice.
2.  Don’t force it - get good help and training.
3.  Be careful of who you listen to - and always check in with yourself.

Where to find Suzanne:
Website: Suzanne Glover
LinkedIn:  Suzanne Glover
Facebook:   Become Positive 

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