Intentional Optimists - Unconventional Leaders

Episode 85 - Community Over Competition with Dana Dunton

May 09, 2022 Andrea Johnson
Intentional Optimists - Unconventional Leaders
Episode 85 - Community Over Competition with Dana Dunton
Show Notes

Dana stumbled upon becoming a clothing boutique owner after many career changes and finally following what she was most passionate about. She started using her experience to talk with other women and encourage them to not pay attention to clothing sizes but how the clothing makes the fee by helping them find clothing that worked with their bodies instead of against it.  Dana works with many women entrepreneurs in her local city to help promote and build businesses in the downtown area.   

Topics discussed in this episode:

  1. Leadership Principle:  You can’t control the things that happen to you but you can control your reactions to them.

Habits to grow your confidence: 

  1. Make a mental list before you get out of bed each day
  2. Center yourself in TODAY
  3. Include exercise

Green Flags:

  1. Find your passion FIRST
  2. Are you genuine about it?


  1. Look for the next step in YOUR passion.
  2. Ask for help
  3. Write things down

Where to find Dana
Website: Mainstream Boutique Shop
Instagram: @mainstreamboutique_sheboygan
Facebook: Mainstream Boutique Sheboygan
Check out the new APP Mainstream Boutique Sheboygan

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