Stand Tall & Own It

Episode 90 - The People Gardener with Rhonda Delaney

June 13, 2022 Andrea Johnson
Stand Tall & Own It
Episode 90 - The People Gardener with Rhonda Delaney
Show Notes

Rhonda Delaney is an amazing gardener.  When she realized a very real correlation between how she cared for her garden and how she invested in and cared for her people, she rose to a top leadership position in her company. Taking the time to understand each person well and encouraging open critical thinking, resulted in better solutions.  Then her position was eliminated, and The People Gardener was born.  Rhonda’s passion for creating a garden that is cohesive and inviting while still having pops of spectacular color has translated beautifully to creating and building teams in the workplace.  

Topics discussed in this episode:

How a life changing event can help you find your purpose and see all the joy it can bring you.

Leadership Principles:

  1. Be Interested
  2. Leaders Grow First
  3. Tend your team like your garden


  1. Ask a lot of questions

Green Flags:

  1. Care about those around you
  2. Remember what people say and demonstrate that through actions.


  1. Look outward - Process things internally but then turn outward.
  2. Identify people at a crossroads - and how you can help
  3. Share more

Where to find Rhonda:
Instagram: @thepeoplegardener
Facebook Page: Rhonda Delaney
Website:  The People Gardener
Course:  Leaders Grow First
Freebie:  BEinterested Workbook

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