Intentional Optimists - Unconventional Leaders

Episode 89 - The Rhythms of Reflection

June 06, 2022 Andrea Johnson
Intentional Optimists - Unconventional Leaders
Episode 89 - The Rhythms of Reflection
Show Notes

If you never slow down enough to look around at where you are, or how far you’ve come, you don’t have the information you need to move forward effectively. Rhythms of Reflection is a tool that provides a variety of options for you to develop your own process of personal growth. In essence, it’s about understanding what is, what you want, what’s possible, and devising a plan to get there. A plan that ebbs and flows with the rhythms of your life and work.

Topics discussed in this episode:

Understanding rhythms and creating a regular practice in each of these areas 

  • Reflecting:  Gathering information
  • Evaluating:  Take the information and determine what I might need to do or not do about it
  • Calibrating:  Creating your own standard and gauging your progress

Tools to create your standard:  Remember it’s ok to start with somebody else’s system and make it your own.

  • Planner
  • Core Values
  • Vision Board
  • S.M.A.R.T Goal Planning Worksheet
  • Mind Map

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