Stand Tall & Own It

Episode 115: Doing Things with Ease & Grace, with Mary Henderson

December 12, 2022 Andrea Johnson
Stand Tall & Own It
Episode 115: Doing Things with Ease & Grace, with Mary Henderson
Show Notes

Mary is a heart centered, compassionate and tenacious entrepreneur who thrives on human transformation and witnessing people fulfill their dreams. With 20+ years’ experience building 7 & 8 figure businesses & building high-performance sales teams in the IT sector and 15 years delivering online solutions for large and small businesses.  She helps Service Based Business Owners, Coaches and Consultants turn their knowledge, wisdom and skills into a scalable & profitable online business and brand so they become an authority in their niche or industry.

Topics discussed in this episode:

Leadership Principles: 

Know who you are in your natural state of being.  This becomes your brand.


  1. Journaling  - write EVERY day.
  2. Daily prayer.

Green Flags:

  1. Am I prepared to face good days and VERY bad days?
  2. Am I prepared to do the work?
  3. Am I willing to be strategic?


  1. What direction should I go?  Who can I serve and what can I promise?
  2. Find someone with experience to learn from.

Where to find Mary:
Website:  Mary Henderson
Facebook: 30 Day Authority Accelerator
LinkedIn: Mary Henderson
Instagram:  @maryhendersoncoaching

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