Stand Tall & Own It

Episode 117 - The Value of Words with Katja Schleicher

January 09, 2023 Andrea Johnson
Stand Tall & Own It
Episode 117 - The Value of Words with Katja Schleicher
Show Notes

Katja Schleicher is a sought-after Communications Trainer and Coach. She heads IMPACT! Communication Coaching, a pan-European training office focusing on communication coaching, media & public speaking training & business storytelling. She gets managers, teams, women and men to talk - and improves their communicative impact in public speeches, conversations and media interviews.  For Katja, words, and what they mean and how they “come across" to the audience are her passion and business model.

Topics discussed in this episode:

Leadership Principles:  

  1. Keep going - don’t stop.  You have to look but the answer will always show up…keep going.
  2. Look into your own story.  Your obstacles are your own, but they should never lead you to give up. 


  1. Engage in regular curiosity.
  2. Be intentional about turning things upside down on purpose in order to train yourself to see things differently.

Green Flags:

  1. When you hear or see someone speak and it resonates with you, tell them.  It opens up communication lines that build bridges.  Give specific feedback.
  2. There are commonalities and contrasts, go to the contrasts - outside of the comfort zone, this is where adventure awaits.
  3. Dive deep.  We have a tendency to be very shallow.  Knowing something deeply from all sides and angles gives you confidence.

Where to find Katja:
Website:  Katja Schleicher
Facebook: Katja Schleicher
LinkedIn: Katja Schleicher

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