Stand Tall & Own It

Episode 121 - Own Your Non-Negotiable, with Dominique Cordero

March 06, 2023 Andrea Johnson
Stand Tall & Own It
Episode 121 - Own Your Non-Negotiable, with Dominique Cordero
Show Notes

More than 10 years ago, working a corporate job, Dominique Cordero realized she was responsible for her own satisfaction.  She sold everything, bought a one-way ticket to Barcelona and spent a year following her life-long dream of learning Spanish to better understand her heritage, opening her world to an additional 560 million people, and seeing the world through a new lens. The experience was transformational.  She now runs a successful Spanish Language Coaching business. But what she found unexpectedly rewarding is how many of her students are trying to make more meaningful relationships with the people they serve – through their jobs and community.  By helping students learn Spanish, they, in turn, can give an entire population a voice.  They understand that being heard is a fundamental human need.

Leadership Principle:
Take Ownership.

Habits to help with productivity:

  1. Lists and checklists play into a bigger idea or project.
  2. Sunday review and weekly planning.
  3. Communicate about the things that are important.
  4. Dance!

Green Flags for someone interested in learning a new language: 

  1. Do you hear a conversation in Spanish and are interested in learning or can you help translate?  If you feel this pull or feel sad missing out on a potential conversation.  
  2. Find your why.

Advice for anyone looking to learn a new language:

  1. Look for structure - a community of people on the same journey or a course.
  2. It can be lonely to begin with so find a local community.

Where to find Dominique:
Website:  My Story | Dominique Cordero | La Mariposa Spanish Lessons
Instagram: @la.mariposa.spanish.lessons
Free Offer:  Free Spanish Starter Kit 

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