Stand Tall & Own It

Episode 125 - Start Your Journey with an Exit Plan, with Kat Ramirez

May 01, 2023 Andrea Johnson
Stand Tall & Own It
Episode 125 - Start Your Journey with an Exit Plan, with Kat Ramirez
Show Notes

A serial entrepreneur, Kat Ramirez created her own exit plan to leave the corporate world. Kat is a woman-owned, veteran-owned, and minority-owned business leader in the advertising and marketing space, with nearly three decades of experience. She offers expertise as a sought-after Consultant, Mentor, Sales Trainer, Podcaster, Speaker, and Community Leader. She worked as a Manager for ABC, NBC, CBS, Telemundo, FOX, CW, and many more Broadcast Networks. To top it off, she also loves to play golf and drink a glass of red wine to relax.

Leadership Principle: 

Participative Leadership - your people need to have some skin in the game.

Habits to help you stay balanced as a leader:

Don’t go it alone. Create a good team that will help you see each situation holistically.

Green Flags to help you determine if you could be an entrepreneur: 

  1. Self-motivated
  2. Project leaders
  3. Creators of new projects, or launching new things

Advice for taking the leap:

Create a plan that works for you, and execute it.

  1. What kind of entrepreneur are you - will you buy a business or start one?
  2. Make sure you have a support system in place.

Where to find Kat:
LinkedIn:  Katherine (Kat) 🇺🇸 Ramirez
Website:  Kat Ramirez | Adbidtise | Marketing Agency
Instagram:  @katherine.kat.ramirez
YouTube:  Katherine Ramirez - YouTube
Facebook:  katherineKatRamirez

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