Intentional Optimists - Unconventional Leaders

33: Cultivating Generosity

April 12, 2021 Andrea Johnson
Intentional Optimists - Unconventional Leaders
33: Cultivating Generosity
Show Notes

Today we’re talking about cultivating generosity, adopting an abundance mindset in every area of life. Sometimes it’s hard. It can feel contradictory. But this is how we are meant to live - and how I WANT to live.  How about you? 

Intentional Optimism - Your Vehicle for Personal Growth:

  1. Optimistic = The hull, the vehicle that gets you from island A to island B.
  2. Present = The centerboard - keeps you upright, focused, centered.
  3. Energetic = The sail - captures & harnesses the wind, propelling you forward.
  4. Courageous = The rigging - holds everything together in proper tension, resilience. 
  5. Wise = The rudder - keeps you on track, heading in the right direction.
  6. Intentional = Setting everything up to properly capture the wind.

Topics discussed in this episode: 

  • Hold Resources Loosely
  • Deepen Your Relationships
  • Give Away Your Expertise

Now what? 

  • Take Stock and see what you have to share
  • Decide to make a difference 

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