Intentional Optimists - Unconventional Leaders

Episode 46. Leading No Matter What with Erin Cronican

July 12, 2021 Andrea Johnson
Intentional Optimists - Unconventional Leaders
Episode 46. Leading No Matter What with Erin Cronican
Show Notes

As a professional actor/singer based in NYC, Erin spends a great deal of time directing and producing.  She runs an up-and-coming non-profit theater company in New York City, after many years in marketing and communications in both the non-profit and corporate realms. Erin has also been a corporate trainer for many years, teaching executives skills in emotional intelligence, effective management, and conflict resolution.  The main focus is on intimate musicals and plays, independent film and raw & challenging television.  Her first love is telling a story through song, and a live audience is just about the best thing on the planet.  Erin always goes after what she wants with fervor -- be it an intellectually stimulating career, an idealized romance that makes her swoon, or the perfect slice of pizza. She loves to laugh, and pokes fun at herself on a regular basis.

TOPICS discussed: 

  • Leadership Principle
    • Assume the best of others - it’s all in the perspective
  • Key Habit
    • Creates lots of lists - checking things off is very cathartic
    • Visual calendar 
    • Be Present - this allows you to welcome others and be their cheerleader

NEXT Steps:

  1.  Assume the best of others
  2.  Strive to be Present
  3.  Look for the stories you want to tell
  4.  Be a citizen of the world

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