Intentional Optimists - Unconventional Leaders

Episode 47: The Process of Regular Reflection

July 19, 2021 Andrea Johnson
Intentional Optimists - Unconventional Leaders
Episode 47: The Process of Regular Reflection
Show Notes

Tapping into the process of regular reflection.  How we keep our goals in front of us. 

Intentional Optimism - Your Vehicle for Personal Growth:

  1. Optimistic = The hull, the vehicle that gets you from island A to island B.
  2. Present = The centerboard - keeps you upright, focused, centered.
  3. Energetic = The sail - captures & harnesses the wind, propelling you forward.
  4. Courageous = The rigging - holds everything together in proper tension, resilience. 
  5. Wise = The rudder - keeps you on track, heading in the right direction.
  6. Intentional = Setting everything up to properly capture the wind.

Topics discussed in this episode: 


  1. Helping us remember what we said we were going to do or become - because we forget.
  2. Keeping us from getting distracted by circumstances or opportunities that take us away from our goal - because we get distracted.
  3. Providing regular time stamped mile markers that provide proof of progress or point to the need for a trajectory adjustment - because we get discouraged.

YOUR TURN:   Give yourself the gift of looking and learning

  1. Walk through what you have
  2. Review where you are now vs where you wanted to be
  3. Give yourself some grace


  • Remember
    • Write them down
    • Schedule regular review times
    • Find a buddy and do it together
    • Accountability Partner or community
  • Distractions
    • Keep your goals in front of you (post-its)
    • Decide what you will and will not pay attention to
    • Turn OFF things that you know distract you
  • Discouragement
    • Share the load with others
    • Recalibrate - instead of step 10 you might need to go back to step 5
    • Do some weeding - thoughts, attitudes 

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