Intentional Optimists - Unconventional Leaders

Best of Season 1: Episode 8 - The Courage to Be Me

August 17, 2021 Andrea Johnson
Intentional Optimists - Unconventional Leaders
Best of Season 1: Episode 8 - The Courage to Be Me
Show Notes

In today’s episode we look at what it means to Courageous…

Intentional Optimism - a refresher 

  • Optimistic - hopeful, positive, proactive
  • Present - having a sense of wonder, generous, kind/open
  • Courageous - lead, adventure, resilient
  • Energetic - industrious, energetic and life-focused
  • Wise - understanding, words, respect
  • Intentional - sense of purpose, plan, grow

Topics discussed in this episode:
What does it mean to be Courageous?

  • Leading 
    • Charisma - others are attracted to the fact that I value them
    • Servanthood - put others first
    • Vision - believing in my vision to serve and inspire
  • Adventurous
    • Try New Things - Be willing! Things, processes, experiences
    • Undaunted - not intimidated or discouraged by circumstances
    • Fun - be a “challenge accepter” - all in the perspective
  • Resilience
    • Character - Who you are when no one’s looking
    • Consistency - I do the small things, daily, that make big things possible. My processes and methods are aligned with my "why."
    • Focus - eye on the prize

Now what?
Where do you lack Courage?  

  1. Stepping into a leadership role : Do it with humility, valuing and serving others, and sharing your vision.
  2. Embrace an attitude of adventure: Tag me in a 30 day New Things Challenge. 
  3. Decide what’s important: Focusing, and consistently practicing what we commit to will build up our resilience.
  4. Contact me!   Just #trynewthings! #theintentionaloptimist
    • Tell me how you’re having fun.  
    • Tag me in your new adventures and tell me how you are being resilient and how you have decided to lead.    

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

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