Intentional Optimists - Unconventional Leaders

Episode 60 - Finding a Creative Outlet with Courtney Thompson

November 15, 2021 Andrea Johnson
Intentional Optimists - Unconventional Leaders
Episode 60 - Finding a Creative Outlet with Courtney Thompson
Show Notes

Courtney Thompson is an educator, instructional coach, mother, and avid lover of running, the mountains, and reading. Courtney is a National Geographic Certified Educator, recent Teacher of the Year, and the owner of Blue Ridge Graze Box.  Blue Ridge Graze Box curates custom charcuterie-style boxes in the Charlottesville, Va area.  Through years of being an educator she was able to hone in on and fine tune her leadership skills that she said never existed previously.  This allowed her to pursue her side hustle using her creativity and starting her business, Blue Ridge Graze Box.  Courtney’s work is beautiful and delicious and her newly found leadership skills will propel her business to the next level.

 Topics discussed in this episode: Helping

  1. Feeding 2 loves - teaching and charcuterie
  2. Finding a creative outlet
  3. Leadership principle: Understanding others strength and letting them shine - including your own


  1. Always practice the basics - Teaching on a regular basis
  2. Ask people about the things they care about

Green Flags:  Are you ready to lead through a creative outlet?

  1. Are you willing to take risks and be uncomfortable?
  2. Are you an “example setter?”
  3. Do you practice what you preach?


  1. Find someone who inspires you
  2. Take time to talk about it with someone you trust
  3. Build your skills and foundation

Where to find Courtney:
Website: Blue Ridge Graze Box
LinkedIn:  Courtney Thompson
Facebook: Blue Ridge Graze Box
Instagram: @blueridgegrazebox
Contact me:  [email protected]
Discount Code:  $10 off  through December 19, 2021, use Graze10

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